Saturday, August 1, 2009

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Jack answered 'Favorites' questions in The Me Quiz.

Fruit: banana
Ice Cream: chocolate
Restaurant: sweet green
Sport: baseball
Number: 2
Soda: coke
Song: anything by AC/DC
Color: gold
Actor: john belushi
Sight: the ocean
Smell: mint
Breakfast food: pancakes
Favorite possession: laptop
Fast food restaurant: hate them all
Comedian: demetri martin
Sandlot or Little Rascals: sandlot
Holiday: Festival Of Sleep--January 3
Cartoon Character: bart simpson

Jack answered 'Do you' questions in The Me Quiz.

Hold grudges: yes
Play an instrument: GUITAR
Read the newspaper: everyday
Believe in ghosts: no
Have an obsession: fish and chips
Like winning: yeah
Like waiting: nope
Have freckles: some
Snore: nope
Believe in love at first sight: maybe
Wear contacts or glasses: nope
Like yourself: you know it
Do you wish you lived somewhere else?: NYC
Do you like roller coasters?: yup
Enjoy spending time with your Mom?: sure
Ever think about the price of gasoline?: nope, i have a prius
Sleep with a fan on?: nope
Have a good handle on spelling?: i guess
Know how to play chess?: yup
Want to get married?: eventually
Ever miss being a little kid?: yeah
Like seafood?: im obsessed 

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