Thursday, September 11, 2008

When we were going to Nana's apartment last night we were playing music from Joe's playlist. Jay-Z was on and you were trying to make a point that the song "wasn't really music."

That was definitely an opening for a "learning moment" if there ever was one, but I don't think I did the best job.

I explained to you that music isn't just hard rock and roll; that there is an incredible range of different sounds, rhythms and melodies that make up "music." I felt that you were being a bit snobish and said so.

I didn't want you to become defensive, rather I wanted you to be open to understanding that music to you might sound strange or "unmusical" to someone else.

Clearly, I need to work with you on this.

Nothing worse that a music snob. I think one of the best things about popular culture these days is that people are open about liking music that might be "uncool" because it is so popular. You can like Britney Spears and Radiohead. And this is from your Dad, a true lover of Steve Earle (who Mom went to see last night) and Kelly Clarkson.

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